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  • Approach question

    Rubbing alcohol in bulk has become hard to come by as of late. My question is can denatured alcohol be used if diluted with distilled water to clean synthetic approaches? Have never used it for anything....hence the question
    Ignorance is Bliss!

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    Not sure about denatured alcohol but since we can't find any 91% rubbing alcohol we are using acetone. Haven't had any problems finding it at the store.


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      yes have seen plenty of both a Home Depot lately
      Ignorance is Bliss!


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        Been using denatured alcohol on synthetic approaches for years.
        No need to dilute with water, just use it straight.


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          Originally posted by Wookie8662 View Post
          Been using denatured alcohol on synthetic approaches for years.
          No need to dilute with water, just use it straight.
          You still using the stuff? Your profile says you're up north of me, yet I understand the stuff is banned in California. I might be considering this depending on cost/availability.


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            No denatured alcohol in California as of January 2020. We discovered this during our downtime when we couldn't buy any denatured alcohol to clean paint brushes etc.


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              Not sure what name it has out your way but we use methylated spirits. Have been for at least 17 years on synthetic approaches.
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                Denatured alcohol is banned in California.
                That doesnt mean we didnt stock up when we heard it was coming.
                We will probably go to 91 or 99% isopropyl alcohol when our supply is gone.


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                  Okay, good. My reading comprehension hasn't failed me yet. Back in the Brunswick days we were using 99%, but we're currently using 70%. Just before the shutdown we tried to put in another order for the stuff, and it got canceled by the supplier. I put in another a few days ago, and the requisition was approved, but we'll see if we actually get it.

                  Originally posted by Kanga (James) View Post
                  Not sure what name it has out your way but we use methylated spirits.
                  Same stuff.


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                    I use 70% I get it by the gallon from McMasters -Carr
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                      Originally posted by JBing View Post
                      I use 70% I get it by the gallon from McMaster-Carr
                      As do we; they're the ones who canceled our order back in March. We did get our order in... just in time for us to shut back down again.

                      Now, if Costco would stock it again, their pricing was about a third of what McMaster-Carr charges. Thing is, they sell it by the quart bottle.


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