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Prolane damage


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  • Prolane damage

    Can this be repaired?
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    Doesn't Brunswick have a life time warranty on this lane system? Must have had a defect at manufacturing to cause this problem so far out from the foul line.


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      I think there is. I also have another lane with an identical crack in the same spot, just not as pronounced.


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        How old? We have several arrow panels of 20 year old DBA IQ/Brunswick Anvilane with similar cracks and I replaced one of them about 2 years ago because the crack was higher on the pin side and worsening. Subfloor from that section to the pin deck is our original 1963 wood lanes, I believe our heads have HDF underneath.

        We also get those cracks on the approach/heads panel a few inches before the foul line, I have replaced two of those panels in 2 years for that same reason, the crack faced the wrong direction and I didn't want bowlers' shoes to catch on the crack during their slide.

        I don't have a method to repair them. Typically the underside of the cracked panel reveals a spiderweb of cracks in addition to the one that reached the surface.
        Don't let those quick fixes become permanent ones; the job is not done until it is done right.


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          Well, they came from another center that closed where I believe they had it been used for maybe 7 years? I'm not really sure though. We've had them installed for roughly 7 years. During the installation the foul lines were moved back about 6 feet so all of the old wood lanes underneath were cut and shifted around. I wasn't there for most of this part but I know it was a lot of work lol


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