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  • Power Lift Conversion

    I am changing out my ancient AMF Spectrum Ball return lifts to Brunswick Subway Power Lifts. My question is how to connect from the subway track to the powerlift? Do I need to retard the speed of the balls coming back? My return track is the AMF flat plates with the black tracks on each side held down with clips. I am going to cut and paste what I have: PLASTIC RUNNER - UNDERGROUND TRACK Older AMF underlane systems This 67’ nylon track protects balls on the entire length of most older sheet metal-type AMF underlane tracks. 2 are required per track. The Spectrum system the ball hits a leather strap that is spring loaded and the belt system pulls the ball up. Now I am trying to install the Brunswick Power Lift and am concerned about how to make the track connect to the entry plate and speed it comes in? I will keep everyone posted as to my progress and what I learn as I continue and will hopefully find some answers to my dilemma. Thanks all.

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    We have a short section of track going into the powerlift. The last two track plates are not anchored down, they float on top of the powerlift base plate. The rails fit between the lower C-tracks and the lower C-tracks cover the final track plate. The rail is cut just past that final track plate, but the plastic covers are extended basically to the motor mount. It has been like this for 20 years with no issues.

    No need to retard the ball speed, the powerlift takes care of that.

    Later when you need to replace lower C-tracks, you can just shift the rails out of the way with a large screwdriver since they are not anchored down. Pardon my dust.

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      Excellent... After messing around with a bit more after I posted my question. This is exactly what I was leaning toward doing. I have tested manually releasing a ball from the pit area and it seems to enter the lift nicely. Now to get it anchored in and wire the control box and test it for real hopefully tomorrow. If all goes well, one done 5 more to go. LOL


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        A few years ago we switched from Sure-Piks to Power Lifts. The installer managed to scoot the base of the lifts "just close enough" to our underlane tracks so as to not need extra track length. There's a gap, maybe 1"-2", but balls drop off the end of the tracks right into the lower c-channel & the Power Lift grabs them.

        Oh, and as DBZodos said, no need to slow the balls down.

        When cutting out your access panel for the motor & electrical box be sure to make it's big enough for a normal-sized human to get two arms in there to work on stuff. Our installer didn't do this, so you have have freakishly-long, skinny arms with midget hands to do any work down there.


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          Thank you Motivated. I appreciate your input. If anyone is following this thread. I will have 6 working AMF Spectrum Ball return and lifts available for anyone interested or in need? Also any and all parts I have left in my inventory. Thanks all.


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