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    We are experencing a new problem with our Silver Bullet lane machine.

    Our lane oiler/stripper has decide to at times jump off the back of the pin deck instead of stopping, and other times decides not to stop at the foul line and jumps up onto the approach. Anyone have any idea what is going on with this thing?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: silver bullet


    First check the mirco switch by the cleaning pad. Make sure that it has the clearance and can move freely. check the continuity in the micro switch when you move it (clicking sound DOESN'T always mean that it is working properly).

    Next, determine that the machine is or isn't coasting. The "end of lane switch" maybe working properly but the machine is coasting.

    By your description the machine is coasting.
    In that case, make sure all the wires are secured in the wiring harness that goes into the control box.

    If all of those above suggestions are all OK.
    Then repalce the control box.



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      Re: silver bullet

      I've had the end-of-lane microswitch bind on me once before. It caused the machine to run almost into the pit (it hung half off the back of the pin deck).

      I think the problem you are having is related to the "counter wheel" that sticks out the bottom of the frame, and rolls along the lane. If this wheel doesnt turn freely, it cant "count" the distance going down or coming back on the lane. If the machine runs into the pit, and onto the approach, I would tend to think that your problem is in the counter wheel, as this is what tells the machine where it is on the lane at any given time.



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        Re: silver bullet

        Thanks for helping me out of this mess.

        After spending most of the day on the phone I think the problem is solved.
        Fingers still crossed.
        We did a computer up date last month on our silver bullet, and either it was not set up properly or something went wrong with the update. After talking to amf the oiler is working.

        Appreciate all the help


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