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  • walker

    Just curious about the feed back on this machine. Good, bad, or otherwise. What is the sticker on this machine by the way?

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    Re: walker

    32K was the last I heard. They just started distribution, I haven't heard anything.
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!


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      Re: walker

      A couple of things I know about the DBA walker is the proprieters seem to like them alot, regardless of the price... Mechanics don't hate them and it seems to be a novelty act with the bowlers for at least a little while...

      As far as the Kegel's I have no experience...


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        Re: walker

        The DBA Walker (Lanewalker) was built by Kegel and was a pad machine.
        It was a machine ahead of it's time even then.
        The only drawbacks were that you still had to be there to watch the power cable and that it "humped" the foul covers getting into the lane so you had to make sure these were always tight and in good condition.
        It was also only an oiling machine, there was a Lanewalker LCM cleaning machine available.

        The Walker is a Sanction Technology combination machine. It uses zero turn motors so it spins and drives to the next lane rather than drive sideways like the Lanewalker did. It also has sensors that allow it to correct itself as it smoothly guides into the lane. It is also self learning so if the sensors keep hitting the same foul cover it will correct its program for the next run.
        The big difference is that it is battery operated. You can set it off and go and do other things.
        While the machine is running you can be dusting gutters and cappings or seeing to machine faults from the night before. It will gain you at least 1 extra manhour per day in an average size centre.

        There is a video of both machines on the Kegel Website.
        Technical Manager
        Bowltech UK Ltd

        Warning: The above post may contain sarcasm,


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          Re: walker

          Nicely said Ross, I don´t think anyone could have said it better.
          One of Kegel´s goals is improving lanemaintenance all over the world, and cleaning gutters, cappings and approaches is a part of lanemaintenance too, so while the machine is doing the lanes, the mechanics can take care of that, which gives the mechanics more time afterwards for checking their pinspotters/pinsetters..


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