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  • lanes...???

    What is the best lane combination out today?
    A: Wood approach, wood lane.
    B: Synthetic approach, synthetic lane.
    C: Wood approach, Synthetic lane.
    D: Synthetic approach, Synthetic heads, wood pine, synthetic pin deck.
    E: Wood approach, Synthetic heads, wood pine, synthetic pin deck.
    F: OTHER....LOL
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    Re: lanes...???

    I prefer C: because for me it's easier to maintain.


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      Re: lanes...???

      I agree with Drill but it sure is nice not to have to deal with a resurfacer any more.


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        Re: lanes...???

        We have the C configuration at the showboat and it is nice not to have to deal with synthetic approach problems,but this configuration is not without its problems.In order to do this in a existing house you have to saw cut and remove your wooden heads so you can remove the shims that are under the panel at the foul lines then reinstall your head panel so your sythetic head panel can be flush with the approach.This causes your first panel to be slanted a little up hill.When you secure the new head panel you creates a little bowing effect at the foul line which is not good on the panel.We have had about 10 panels crack at the foul line as a result.where the head panels meet the foul line can create lots of ball damage if the installer doesn't bevel the edge of the panel well.And finally after a few approach resurfaces you have to pull the head panels back up and lower them some more so you can stay flush with the lane.


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          Re: lanes...???

          I prefer option "F"

          What it is..nobody knows though.
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            Re: lanes...???

            David, Is the ball damage that's being caused by the lane panels "a round or slightly oval scuff aprox. 3 - 4 inches below the thumb hole"?

            If so, we have the same problem at the Reno Hilton. How does the panel need to be beveled to stop it?


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              Re: lanes...???

              Sorry guys I must be old fashioned, I like and still have option A, but with 6' of guardian just to protect the heads...


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                Re: lanes...???

                The ball damage looked like someone had shaved the ball,a thin slice about the size of a dime.We started having the problem immediately after installing our new lanes.If you are having the same problem you will find the ball shaving in the gap between your foul line and the panel.You fix the problem by raising the head panel and using a router to slightly bevel the top edge to remove the sharp edge.

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