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kickbacks & flatgutters


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  • kickbacks & flatgutters

    I just read the thread below about pins and rotating/resting pins. this came to mind:

    In my pinsetter days, we would coat the kickbacks & flatgutters twice a year. i never noticed a difference in pin action. ( we used brunswick red crowns). i was told that by coating the kickbacks that it would help pin action. we dipped our pins once a year and never rested the pins. replaced them once every 2 years or when we would resurface.

    anyone one along this line?

    what did you or still you do to enhance pinaction?


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    Re: kickbacks & flatgutters

    What do we do to keep pin action high...high and tight flat gutters. Clean and coated kickbacks. Coating keeps the kickbacks from deteriorating and getting soft. Picture this, flat gutters and kickbacks as loose as a pillow...not much pin action. I don't know of anybody that recoats pins anymore...probably due to the change in the outer coating on the pin to a slip coating. Very expensive. Thats what we about everybody else?
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      Re: kickbacks & flatgutters

      When you say high flat gutters do you mean higher than than normal tolerances?


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        Re: kickbacks & flatgutters

        Synthetic everything & tight screws with the flat gutters at min. depth. We still coat the kickbacks with clear urethane.
        Those of you with nailed on kickback plates, coating them will help to seal the nails in & decrease the possibility of ball damage caused by the nails.


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          Re: kickbacks & flatgutters

          Senator...specs call for 3 3/8 to 3 5/8. High means 3 3/8. I would never recommend someone disregarding the rules.

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            Re: kickbacks & flatgutters

            Oh ok Steve thats cool then cuz here in Australia our AMF centers do it properly but we have some private centers that would do crazy stuff like illegal flat gutter depths etc and one i know of even has painted on arrows that dont match where they are meant to be


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              Re: kickbacks & flatgutters

              For best pin action I rotate my pins through the machines every 3 months or so I rotate in 100 new pins and rotate out old pins. Seems to work well


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