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Lane machine not stripping.


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  • Lane machine not stripping.

    so long story short: The kegel kustodian we use at my center isn't spraying any cleaner when we run lanes. I've used the prime button and it sprays just fine, but when the lanes are being stripped and oiled it's not putting any cleaner down. Any theories? Pattern hasn't been changed AND we just put in a new cleaner pump.

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    Might be one of your relays. try swapping them around.
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      If I remember correctly there is a switch under the second panel that will allow the machine to either oil only, strip only, or do both.
      Check to make sure the switch is in the "Both" position.
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        Originally posted by cuda96 View Post
        If I remember correctly there is a switch under the second panel that will allow the machine to either oil only, strip only, or do both.
        Check to make sure the switch is in the "Both" position.
        checked that. it's ALWAYS run in "clean and condition"


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          Check the settings in the cleaner menu


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            Machine spraying cleaner again.. Don't really know what changed.. Still have bowlers complaining that there is too much oil. Have used same amount of oil for past five+ years and didn't have complaints till past few months. It's up to my GM now (we don't have a head mechanic as of 2009). Thanks for your help anyway, guys.


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              If it was not cleaning will take a couple days for the lanes to get clean and hook again like normal


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                we'll see.. Question for you guys since we're talking about lane conditions: How often do you spray pin decks?


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                  There is a setting in the cleaner menu for deck spray at end of run. If you use this you should sweep off pins before running machine.


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                    I have a kustodian model b. I recently ran into the same problem, no cleaner being sprayed unless the prime button is pushed. The cause of it not working is that the allen that holds the squeege cam adjustment backed off. The cam is on the 10-pin side off the machine if its in the oiling position next to the vacuum. You have to take off the cover that has 4 screws to get to it. If you can move the cam with your hand, then it is loose, but make sure the power is off on the machine. You have to rotate the cam so it is making contact with the micro. I forgot if its the flat spot or rounded spot that contacts it without being in front of the lane machine.


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