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  • Approach cleaning/buffing

    Is there a preferred method of buffing the approaches as...which style of buffing pad? White soft nylon? Carpet bonnet? Buffer is a low speed only.
    Synthetic approaches,textured finish(murray's).
    Currently using the carpet bonnet and brunswicks alcohol.
    Wouldn't just buffing them be good to clean them up on a weekly basis or ??
    Normally in the past i just used HOT h2o and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol on the anvil approaches and it did just dandy.

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    At my centre, we completely buff the approaches every time we use the walker, what we do is spot mop with a mild detergent and once dry, buff the approach using a low speed floor buffer and the white buff pad from AMF. We use IPA99 (fairly wet) and the pattern we do it in is side to side between the ball lifts and front to back in the slide area... and we always walk backwards so we don't walk in the recently buffed area.

    During school holidays we don't buff UNLESS there is league during the end of year break, we buffed 2-3 times a week.
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      Buff approaches daily after conditioning lanes. Use carpet bonnet from AMF. Spot clean with DBA spotter.


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        Buff after oiling with a white polish pad and windex (HPL's). We get a ton of shoe marks on the approaches and the windex cleans them off nice with no residue.



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          kinda depends on your area and weather for me atleast. ive had some centers buff daily and some once a week. to much buffing makes the approaches sticky. go with me on this as this is how i percieve how sliding works. if you buff your appraoches every single day then you take up all the dirt and make it like glass. if you have ever slide on wood then you kinda feel that texture well what i think happes ins you almost have like an air cushion under your shoes as you slide as the texture of the wood alows that from the grain. now on synthetics you dont get that because its so smooth. i only usually dust them and spot clean them when needed. this kinda gives you a sandy feel which will provide more slide than keeping them so polished.


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