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Very sticky SPL approaches


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  • Very sticky SPL approaches

    I have recently run out of SureSlide, which is what i used to use on the approaches for our league. Since running out, I have been told that we are not allowed to use any sureslide anymore as it is a slip hazard.

    Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on other things i could do as i am being bomb-barded with complaints about the sticky appraoches

    At the moment i am just using water to mop and clean before the league.

    I have an old buffer at home somewhere. Will this work and what do i have to use with it? i think it has a wool pad on it at the moment

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I don't like approach conditioners like sure slide becuas ethey make the approaches too slippery. Ive been using windex with a rotary buffer and a carpet bonnet pad, and the approaches get very clean and dry and just the right amount of slide.


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      It has been my experience with the spl approaches the cleaner you keep them, the more sticky they are. I only clean mine when there is a foreign substance on them other than dirt. Just dustmop.

      The most important single item if you have synthetic approaches of ANY kind, keep the temp constant in the bowl. In other words, NEVER turn off the heat/ac units. If you do, humidity will build up and cause issues.



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        You can use the magic eraser to remove both sticky spots and stubborn ball marks off any synthetic or wood approach. WalMart now has them in generic packaging.
        This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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          I have had real problems here with sticky approaches, of course its South Florida so humidity is always high. The snack bar and grill uses Pine Sol to mop floors and we get high traffic though center during lunch time, so i think a lot of the problem was with Pine Sol being tracked into bowlers area.

          brought in my steam mop and steamed entire building. Buffed floors and approaches. Seemed much better that night. Have been cleaning with steam only since, and sticky approaches are not much of an issue anymore. Most people that still stick leave threi equipment in car all week and dont realize that their shoes are absorbing the humidity and after walking around in the for a half hour the stickiness goes away. Still buff every day but not using Dry Slide anymore.


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