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resurfacing ? for ted


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  • resurfacing ? for ted

    going to be resurfacing this year first time since installing synthetic heads and decks wondering the best way to sand pines with gallichio machine how about going to sand the ends without rounding them off,figureded id back in and sand back to front then going forward and sanding to deck making sure to cross the middle thanks

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    I'd take all the head panel screws out and turn the head panel over. This allows sanding equipment to travel over the entire lane to sand the pine. The end of the head panel is where there needs to be attention so there will be a flush to 15/1000 fall on the the freshly sanded pine. If this is the first time, and the installer was a friendly type, there'd be shim at the end of the head panel that could be removed so you wouldn't have to sand the underlayment (or old head) down any for a few sandings.
    If the pin deck is synthetic, it's on feet. Then, the flat gutters need removed, and the front of the pin deck needs lowered. I use a 1/8" thick piece of masonite to guage how much to lower the deck front, then use a piece of same to lay on the lowered front of the deck when the sanding equipment goes off the pine dovetail.
    Have fun!
    This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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