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cross wise tilt.


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  • cross wise tilt.

    The center i'm at is only 3 years old. I was not here at install, but this last year some of our lanes were out 140. What could cause this, building settling?
    Why yes, we wax them everyday!

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    I'd look at the places that you can find that have moved from spec and see if it's a certain section of the lane area. If it is, you may consider the concrete has settled. The shifting can be seen, most of the time, by looking under ball return capping, or taking out a few round gutters in the area.
    If you have random spots that are way out, could be the attachment between the 2 x 10s (or I-Joists) and the levelers isn't good - which could be install technique issues.
    There is another scenario I have seen, and argued fervently against, is fire blocking the foundation. This traps moisture and causes everything to swell and come lose. You may see lane panel gaps larger than when installed - a telltale sign.
    The fix will, of course, depend on the problem found.
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      It is like half the house, and what kind of shifting should I be looking for?
      Why yes, we wax them everyday!


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        Cracks in the concrete where one side of the crack has obviously moved higher that the other.
        But, if it's half the house, my money is on one of the other 2 probabilities.
        This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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