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  • Poll For Sanctioned Centers

    This poll is for members who work a center sanctioned by USBC or any other governing body in your local area that sets the rules for lanes and equipment specs.

    Members are not in any way connected to responses.

    Has your supervisor asked you to make lane or bowling equipment adjustments in your center that do not conform to USBC or other rules in order to increase scores?

    Please be very careful about your comments. Remember that many people including your boss could be reading.

    The poll is expired.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    No...but I would


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      This seems awfully familiar.
      Necessity IS NOT the mother of invention. Laziness IS the mother of invention.


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        NO and if I was asked to do so I would say no way.
        We have always played by the rules and lanes always in compliance.
        Later Chief


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          Lanes YES, lane condition NO.


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            I may have played with some flat gutter mods in my time but where I am at now, no
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              Never gunna happen here.
              I can't even spell Brunsw-ick anymore!!!


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                I am the supervisor and I would never tell myself to do that! And if I did I wouldn't do it!
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                  I thought 3 units was more of a guideline than a rule??? LOL
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                    Todays lanes and equipment make the game "stupid easy".
                    There is no need to do any cheating.


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                      No never been asked to do that. As Wookie said lanes are so easy there is no need to cheat.

                      Although at another center one of the bowlers asked me to tamper with the lanes of another team because of a bet. When I said no he said no one but he and I would know. I wish that talked to the boss about it so we could have taken and split the $100.00 he offered and then moved the teams he was trying to get me mess with because of some machine breakdown. It would have served him right if we had, he made a bet and was trying to cheat to win.
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                        I was ones ask by manager to raise flat gutters to 3." i send sher are u nuts

                        why would i screw the our regaler bowlers
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                          We don't even make lane conditions as easy as possible so a 300 game still means something.

                          We made the local news with this one.


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                            Good story wrench, thanks so much for sharing.
                            Mike Wilson
                            Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                              Originally posted by Wookie8662 View Post
                              Todays lanes and equipment make the game "stupid easy".
                              There is no need to do any cheating.
                              Remember how rotten kids become when their parents give them everything in stead of making them work for it?

                              Wouldn't you want your surgeon to be accurate instead of just getting in the area of the problem?

                              Scores keep getting higher while USBC membership keeps dropping...............Umm, ya don't suppose the two are connected in any way do ya?


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