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Flat gutters


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  • Flat gutters

    What do you guys use to bolt down your flat gutters with such as screw type and size and what do you use to support the
    gutter under neat to get more pin action.Is it legal to make your own gutters?


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    4X4 wood post to the concrete below - just behind the 4, 5, 6 line

    I used 4" pindeck screws to secure all my flatgutters


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      Awile back the King had his 4x4 post pics, I use 2x4 or 2x6 to make supports. I screw the flat gutter down with 5/16 Tapcon conclete screws. (from Fastenal) When we got syn lanes, I had to make all new bottoms because the new deck was narrower.


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        I also use 4 X 4's just behind the 4 5 6 line. Take a pin and drop it on the section supported by the 4 X 4 and the pin will bounce out of the flat gutter like its has springs on it. Amazing...

        I use #14 X 3" wood screws and have no issues with them coming out, breaking or coming loose.
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          #20 X 4" Screws...2 X 4 Supports @ 4,5,6 line as well.
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            do you guys have a pic of this support set up?


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              You can't see it from the top...LOL

              I can try to pull a flat gutter tonight and snap a picture.
              TSM & TSM Training Development
              Main Event Entertainment
              480-620-6758 for help or information


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                Bringing an old post back from the dead.

                Do you just sandwich the 4*4 between the concrete and flat gutter? Do you fasten it in any way?


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                  sportlanes, yes you can make your own Flat Gutters as long as they are wood, any wood but you need them to last thats why they used to use Maple, if you use any other material they have to be approved.

                  always doing my best.


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                    I ran 1 screw through the flat gutter into the 4x4. Pin action is so much better its freaky and I think I had good pin action to start with.
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                      Yes - you run a screw through the flat gutter into the 4x4 - not through the middle where the ball rolls


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                        Can someone add the original post that has the pictures? Looked everywhere and couldn't find it.


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