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Oil Carry Down


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  • Oil Carry Down

    Since going synthetic a few years ago we have had a struggle getting a constant lane condition

    We are using a AMF century silver bullet at the moment but the house is for sale and new owners are negotiating the sale to include a Kegal but I'm not convinced the problem will be solved completely

    We only condition first thing in the morning and only do a full wash and oil every second day

    We get content complains about no back end (balls not reacting) if we decrease the Applied oil we then get complaints about not enough oil

    I know you cannot please all the people all the time and Bowlers tend to blame the conditions for having a bad night but I think its more serious than than

    We have tried different Oils with no luck (It was suggested to go to a Tablet type wash but still waiting for a sample to try)

    I personal thing humidity has a lot to do with the problem (See here)

    Any Thought

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    If you are getting complaints about no back ends because of carry down, doing a full clean and oil daily should improve that . Do leagues bowl on the nights that you do the oil only?


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      Agree with the above - do a full wash every time you apply oil and your back ends will be clean ...and the ball will hook


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        Sorry we do clean the backends every day but but a full wash and oil is every second day
        The other day back ends are washed and a light oil top up is applied


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          If you have a good amount of lineage you should strip your entire lane daily. Sometime carry down can be yur friend but sounds like you have too much skid.
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            You should strip and oil lanes every day.

            Example if you have 20 lanes....just fully strip and oil 10 lanes every day...unless you know you will need more lanes


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              I to agree with King on this issue. Daily striping and oiling of the lanes will help improve the bowlers scores as well as help control the carry down. You did mention that you are using a Silver Bullet Lane machine. Do you Use a lino Duster on the lanes before you use the silver bullet? as the silver bullet does not have any Dusting capabilities that I can recall. Lino dusting will also help with getting some of the Dust and Dirt that settles on top of the oils.


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                Originally posted by AMF82_70LUVER View Post
                I to agree with King on this issue. Daily striping and oiling of the lanes will help improve the bowlers scores as well as help control the carry down. Lino dusting will also help with getting some of the Dust and Dirt that settles on top of the oils.
                Even Kegel machines run better on cleaner surfaces!


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                  Yes humidity can cause this problem, but don't forget temperature! You need to try to get the temperature as consistent as possible. You can only control humidity to a certain point. Depends on how much you want to spend on humidifiers and dehumidifiers. I agree with King on another post where he said they don't ever turn off the HVAC system.
                  Also, why don't you post your pattern on here and these guys can maybe tweak it a bit for you.
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                    Maybe your issue is not the machine but the pattern? You could try to post your pattern in the forum "The King's Lane Pattern Discussion" and see if someone can see something about your pattern. Please include the tank pressures you have, buffer pressure, type of wicks (wool or foam) and maybe your pressure on the cleaner pad.

                    Post the patterns when there is too much carrydown and then the pattern when there does not seem to be enough oil. No doubt we can find a happy medium...until you get your new Kegel that is.

                    Bottom line...that forum is all about helping folks with lane pattern issues. You obviously have just such an issue and there will be plenty of input that will help you.
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