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Question about capping paint


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  • Question about capping paint

    100_0089.jpg100_0090.jpg100_0091.jpg100_0092.jpg100_0093.jpg100_0094.jpg Hello, I have been rebuilding my capping and wondering If I can paint with industrial enamel (oil based) Or do I need the two part epoxy enamel? Yrs. ago the owner got waterbased latex enamel and it marked the balls, so I covered the edges with lane finish. That's why I'm sanding them clean and starting over. (prime/paint) I got the wood milled at a local wood shop.

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    To tell ya true, leaving the sides natural with a poly coat, and painting the tops would look nice. JMHO
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      I would go with two part epoxy
      It will cost at the beginning but will last for years with little or no maintenance up keep


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        Epoxy will chalk in time

        Use 2 part Urethane paint from PPG


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          I used enamel automotive paint from napa last summer, they came out real nice... of course its only been one year of holding up to the abuse but I'm happy so far and if my memory serves the cost was around $400 ( 16 lanes ) didn't think that was too bad. I sprayed mine with hvlp gun (outside of course lol ). Did you spray yours King?


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            Im in the process of going through and painting all of mine. Stripping them down to the last 2 coats then one quick coat of primer then 3 coats of behr gloss porch and floor paint. Just buy it from home depot. You can spend $1000s on super high quality paint, 2 part, one part, epoxy, urethane etc... if you dont prep it right it wont last. which is the reason I have to do mine. special thanks to the guys before me
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              I am with Gym on leaving them natural.....we removed all the paint from ours years ago and coated with a polyurethane and have not touched them since....looks good with the wood lanes and you don't have to worry about changing color ......but to each his own....JMO.


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                i have alot of broken wooden capping. trying to figure out how to repair them. didnt know they could mill these capping at a wood shop. might have to try that
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                  My upper capping was'nt all bad, just the cribbing underneath (it has the L cut out to lap over the gutter. My last 12 lanes had the all in one cap and the bottom strip needed to be chiselled off and the new strip glued and stapled on. Then the small cap was bad all over, so I got some 1"x6" hardwood and ripped it in 2 and it made two perfect 2"3/4 inch caps. I put the new flat cap down the lane and belt sanded the transition and after paint you won't know the difference.


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                    Nice site with a huge selection of specialty paint.


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                      I always roll my capping...brush the side


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                        Last time I had wood gutters/capping I just used some Floor/Porch paint from Home Depot. Decent price and didn't mark balls.


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                          Any suggestions for wooden gutters. Last time they were painted, they were done with an industrial alkyd enamel. It was done before i started so I would assume they did not do any prep work, just painted over previous surface without any washing, sanding, etc. There's many spots where the paint has chipped away showing the original color. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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