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  • Deck tilt

    Ok, I've started to resurface the decks at my place and have a few questions. We got to talking about deck tilt today and I had a little trouble finding it specifically in the equipment specs. I know that you are allowed to have it slightly tilted up in the back. I don't remember if 10,000 or 100,000 of an inch was the number but either way it was so minuscule how is it measured? Also, the decks I've been working on have been screened and re-coated before and there is an obvious bead where the urethane was put down. I know the bead is way larger than the 10 or 100 thousandths we are talking about so I'm a little confused and looking for clarification.
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      3/16 drill bit in the front and put your bubble on. (180,000) You could have issues, where the inspector sets his level if you have a hump. Or where you set yours, probably shorter. I would have them come and check one before getting too far.


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        Inspectors place their level from front to back between the 7 pin deck spot and the 4 pin deck spot. The inspector will also check the other side of the lane between the 6 pin deck spot and the 10 pin deck spot. Lastly, they will measure across the back of the pin deck...across the 7 - 10 row. The front to back specification as mentioned above by Billy is .187"...either up or down. Side to side (across the back row) is a bit different. You are only allowed .040" tilt.

        If you have a "hump" from the finish being pulled in the can scrape the "hump" off using a scraping tool available from Ace Hardware or Home Depot.

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