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Head panels got damages


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  • Head panels got damages

    some 'arrow' head lane panels got damages and needed to be replaced. could we use normal lane panels then put stickers of arrow sign on them?would it be against any rules or regulations?

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    Probably would not meet USBC regulations. May not care about USBC regulations in Bangkok! But even so, good luck keeping arrow stickers on the lanes!


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      Lane and approach markings shall only be permitted in accordance with the following specifications:
      1. Measured from the foul line, a maximum of seven guides may be embedded in or stamped
      on the approach at each of the following points: 2-6 inches; 3-4 feet; 6-7 feet; 9-10 feet;
      11-12 feet; and 14-15 feet. Each series of guides shall be parallel to the foul line and each
      guide shall be circular in shape and shall not exceed ¾ inch in diameter.

      2. At a point 6-8 feet beyond the foul line and parallel thereto, there may be embedded in
      or stamped on the lane a maximum of 10 guides. Each guide shall be uniform, circular in
      shape, and shall not exceed ¾ inch in diameter.

      3. At a point 12-16 feet beyond the foul line, there may be embedded in or stamped on the
      lane a maximum of seven targets. Each of the targets shall be uniform and may consist of
      one or more dowels, darts, diamond, triangles, or rectangular designs. The overall surface
      covered by each target shall not be more than 1¼ inches in width and six inches in length.
      Each target must be equidistant from one another and set in a uniform pattern.

      4. At a point 33-44 feet beyond the foul line, there may be a maximum of four targets. Each
      target must be uniform in appearance and shall not be wider than a single board or longer
      than 36 inches.

      5. Embedded markings or designs shall be of wood, fiber or plastic and shall be flush and level
      with the surface of the lanes and approaches.Last updated on 11/11 | 27

      6. When the markings are stamped on wood lanes, they shall be applied to the bare wood and
      then covered with lacquer, urethane, or similar liquid transparent material generally used in
      resurfacing. All such installations in any one center shall be uniform as to design and measurements and at least on natural pairs of lanes.

      7. Glow/Cosmic bowling may only be certified on lanes that meet all of the specifications listed
      under Lane and Approach Markings or Designs.

      8. Glow/Cosmic lane designs must only be visible in glow conditions.

      9. In an area within two inches, but not closer than one-half inch of the foul line, there may be
      an advisory about crossing the foul line. The wording/lettering/symbols of the advisory may
      be 1 to 1½ inches tall. The advisory shall run parallel to, and shall not extend more than
      two inches from the edge of the foul line. The advisory must be first submitted to the USBC
      Specifications Department for prior approval.

      10. For certification process, a center shall have each lane numerically numbered and not duplicated. The number may or may not be visible to the general
      public but must be easily seen by the inspector, e.g. on the back side of the masking unit.

      You would need to route and and fill the marks and then recoat with an approved urethane. You could stamp the arrow pattern and then recoat but you would need to do all the arrows on that lane and the adjoining lane so they match.
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        Pie - your info is not correct

        If you will read on page 24 of the manual you may not coat a synthetic lane:

        "Synthetic ProductsAll non-wood material used in the manufacturing of lane components must be presented to
        USBC for evaluation and possible testing before use in certified competition. If approved, they
        may not be altered by the use of coatings,
        etc. unless these coatings have been presented to
        USBC for evaluation and possible testing. In addition, all products must contain an approval label
        with the following requirements"

        I would replace the arrow panels with arrow panels


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          I recommended a procedure for wood lanes...did not notice synthetic. I stand corrected.
          Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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            I don't think you could do any modifications to a lane panel and not have to redo every few weeks or months. I think you would be better off just replacing with the correct panels and be done with it.
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