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Ideas on approach cleaning.


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  • Ideas on approach cleaning.

    I'm looking for ideas on how to clean the lane approaches. we currently buff, sweep, mop with pinesol, and once dry wipe down with Brunswick IPA 99. Looking for new ideas.

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    How often do you do the above procedure?

    I dust them daily

    Weekly I wipe down with lane cleaner


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      I wipe the slide area with a rag damp with only tap water every day and wipe the rest of the approach with a damp towel on a dust mop head about every other day.
      The only time that I use any type of cleaner is when there is something that will not come up with elbow grease.
      Have been doing this since the lanes were new back in '01 and almost never have any complaints.
      You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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        dust mop daily. and clean weekly


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          What specific issue are you having?
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            What type of surface?
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              Originally posted by rueffdog6 View Post
              dust mop daily. and clean weekly

              Having zero experience with synthetic approaches...Wow, that seems like an awful amount of work. Kegel should build a machine for that.
              I can't even spell Brunsw-ick anymore!!!


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                We dust mop for every league, every day. Wet mop (very little water) 3 times a week... Our head porter does the slip area every morning with 99% alchohol. Lot of work, but seems to be the best way for brunswick pro anvilane.


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                  Originally posted by pinfeed View Post
                  Having zero experience with synthetic approaches...Wow, that seems like an awful amount of work. Kegel should build a machine for that.
                  As far as I am concerned wood takes as much clean as synthetics. Only synthetics are easier.
                  I'm going fishing and camping!


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                    Dust daily and buff daily with windex (HPL approaches). We get so many marks from the toes of bowling shoes that they have to buffed daily. They are not in the slide area, but it looks like crap to leave them there so they get buffed off every day when we oil for leagues.



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                      I have SPL approaches and buff everyday with 3 parts Windex/1 part Sure Slide. Keeps a very consistent slide characteristic. We buff while we are conditioning so there is no wasted time doing the extra work.
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                        Like most things, there are a million ways to do something, what matters is what works; so long as it doesn't damage the approach. Take a look at the article I wrote on our customer portal. It's pretty generic and can be adapted for your specific needs. This is the same process I use every year for the Bowling World Cup, and have never had a problem; even in coastal centers with extremely high humidity e.g. the tournaments in Caracas, Venezuela and Singapore 90 degrees, 90% humidity. You will have to sign in.

                        Cliff Adair
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                          We Clean the slide area everyday as we oil with 99% alcohol. to get some of the harder stuff off we use a heavily diluted lane cleaner then go back over it with the 99% alcohol to remov any moisture that could cause stickyness. and we buff once a week.


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                            We buff our approaches daily and clean markings with approach spotter.


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                              We use rubbing alcohol on ours and wipe clean with a microfiber towel.
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