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How much cleaner per lane?


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  • How much cleaner per lane?

    Those of you that use Kegel/DBA combo machines that strip and oil could you please post how much stripper you go through to strip your house. Please post in average ounces per lane. IE: 12 lanes/60 ounces would yield 5 ounces per lane. Please post your spray settings and style pump.


    Flo-jet pump 4 nozzles
    4 on time
    30 off distance
    48 last spray
    5 ounces per lane

    I'm trying to get a benchmark because I've been seeing too much variance from machine to machine.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Bill H

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    Re: How much cleaner per lane?


    I use a 2 jet system. They are blue tee jets hi flow. I eliminate the outside streamers.

    My settings.

    4 on
    40 off
    52 last spray
    no pindeck
    8 1st spray

    Fizzion 6 to 1

    I use 6oz per lane.



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      Re: How much cleaner per lane?

      Sorry I posted this in the wrong room......


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        Re: How much cleaner per lane?


        That was a good move using tee jets... That was the company I was looking at to redo the spray area... They have a great website and explain in good detail and also have quick disconnects. The other thing I was looking at was a pressure relief valve instead of the hose, I plan on testing that in the beginning of January.

        I re-started this topic in the lane maintainence forum



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