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  • AMF Reactor oil

    Is there anyone on here using Reactor oil? If there is have any of you seen a problem with the oil not holding up like it used to? In the last two months I have doubled the amount of oil I was using at the begining of the year and it sill doesn't hold up like it used to.I probably should have posted this in the Lane Maintaince forum, but I thought maybe more people would see it here.

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    Re: AMF Reactor oil

    We have just got 2 containers of the stuff as we cannot get VisFlo here in Australia at present .

    We haven't as yet used it ( Running all the current VisFlo out ) but we all expect 1 of 3 things to happen with it :-

    1/ Same as the Visflow
    2/ Better than the Visflow
    3/ Worse than the Visflow

    Looks like from your observations it will be #3

    But , I'll wait & see , Our HPL's & heavy oil patterns may suit this oil & the result maybe better than VisFlo ?

    Either way , We are stuck with it until we can get VisFlo , Being an AMF corporate site we cannot go & buy the "Gun" oils from the other suppliers , Pity as we hear good things from the independant centres running other brands

    It will be intersting to see what results we get [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]


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      Re: AMF Reactor oil

      I noticed it seemed to be carrying down more, but it doesn't seem to have affected the scoring. I heard that AMF had to change suppliers for one of the chemicals and it affected the make-up of the oil. I also know of 2 other centers nearby who are/were using it. One changed to Brunswick Control. The other ordered 25 gallons at the beginning of the season so he hasn't gotten any of the "new batch" yet. The Control doesn't seem to carry down very much at all. I'm thinking of making a change after the season because the out of ranges have gone up from the increased carry down.


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        Re: AMF Reactor oil

        I've been using Reactor for almost 2 years now, and I have seen no change in the oil at all. The carry down is about the same as it always has been. As far as changing suppliers for one of the such thing. AMF has the oil made for them by a vendor and he has changed nothing...(according to him anyway) The oil holds up well and has minimal carry down. What does effect the carry down is if any cleaner residue is left on the lane after the stripping process. Using ACC (if that is what you use) too strong will cause this. The residue left on the lane will begin to break down the oil and cause it to move down the lane quicker than usual. We started a thread in the Lane Maintanence section asking guys what they were using and what the dilution rate is for their cleaner. Unfortunatley, only a couple of guys responded so we don't have an average to base any ideas on. What is your dilution rate and what cleaner are you using.
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          Re: AMF Reactor oil

          Hi guys....

          We've been using Reactor since we got our new summit & HPL's.....Best thing out!!!!!

          Visflo carries down to decks something chronic causing heaps of off spots with HPL...reactor is much more solid.....

          Just my experience here in Queensland



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            Re: AMF Reactor oil

            We've been useing Reactor for about the past two seasons and this year the scores are better than last year. We use 30 oz. of oil per day over 48 wood lanes, with a Silver Bullet Magnum. We linodust first and run the same double pass program every day. To date we've had 22 300's, 12 800's, (1st. female 800 in the county) and countless 700's. If the scores continue, we should surpass last years scores by Feb.'02.
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