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Anvilane problems


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  • Anvilane problems

    Here is a problem I'd like to toss out to you guys.

    The center that I bowl at (used to work there; I'm still consulted about this, that or the other) has been experiencing a problem that I have never seen before. Right after the joint between the first and second panels the plugs used to cover the screws in the lanes are cracking out and cracking down the lane. The plugs in the center of the lanes are the only ones that seem to be affected. The lanes were installed in 1997 and of the 24 lanes, I counted 15 that this was happening to. We are in a low humidity environment in Northern Arizona at about 3500 feet.

    According to the head mechanic, the solution used to seal in between the panels(silicon? epoxy?)has shrunk and lane conditioner is getting underneath the lane surface. Would this on its own be the cause of the problem? Are there installation issues that need to be adressed?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Re: Anvilane problems

    Same problem that happened to our house built in 1997. We are still slowly changing out lane panels and just got another shipment a few days ago. The new shipment also included the start of the new pindecks, our old ones are delaminating bad.

    The problem with the lane panels was that there was never ment to be screws in the middle of the lane to begin with. The ball impact is cracking them out. When the installers were putting them in they might have been bowed and added them to the middle, because this wasn't done on all the panels accross our house. Also the new panels that arive don't have holes in the middle so you know they weren't ment to have them.

    About the seam, there was alot of discussion about this a long time ago, but i don't know if the archives go back that far. So... the other problem we had like you said was liquid getting between the seams. Whatever sealer they used was wrong. We were starting to get chips at the seam of the panels. We now have the correct sealent, and redid all the lanes that were good, and have been correctly sealing all our new panels. I will post exactly what the sealent is tomarrow night if no one gets to it before then.

    Changing out all thoes lanes and now the pindecks is tough work. I just did the first pindeck the other night and there isn't anything fun about it.

    Ok, pro anvil lane is going in at the new center, and i have been all over thoes guys. The builders and installers absolutly hate me for checking there work (i hate when people do it to me), but i have seen how it can be done and i don't want it that way. I WANT IT CORRECT FROM THE START!!!!! The ball accelorators go in the ground next, and i'm heading over to lube and inspect them before they do tomarrow. ANYWAY... the new lane panels look alot better then what the old center(1997 [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img] ) has.

    If you guys have any questions call Luke of Fred at 913-851-1700 we'd be glad to help however we can.



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      Re: Anvilane problems

      Our Anvil was put in last summer.

      We have about 5 of the holes that secure the panels mushrooming at the top. They were this way when installed. Maybe the countersink tool was dull when the holes were bored and it got hot. Brunswick will not replace ours until they crack. These are all in the 1st 2 panels. And there are no holes in the middle of our front panels either.

      When installing I would have them screw the center of the lane 1st. All the way down. Then they could measure and do the outsides.



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