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Twister pins sliding


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  • Twister pins sliding

    Anyone know how to prevent twister pins from sliding out of range? We treat the deck, strip everyday. No matter what I do I still get lots of out of range pins. Can someone please help me out.

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    You stated that you treat the deck. With what? Also, how long is your oil pattern and on what surface?
    let me be myself


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      I have hpl. And the oil pattern is 40 ft. Using infinity oil. And using no pin slide


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        Can also install the OOR kit. At least it will eliminate a lot of stops unless you have to remove deadwood. Orrrr... you could get rid of the twister pins LOL orrrrr.. round the bottom slightly so they fall over.... no violation here if it's not sanctioned league play. I believe there are some legal spots you can put down to help with OOR pins. Try an advanced search.
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          The thing is there are sanction leagues that will be using the lanes also. Smart idea rounding the bottom a little. Tried the spots . They just came off the deck. I don't know what else to try


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            What i used that worked the best on the same lanes or pin decks "durabowl" decks. Take 5 oz carpenters wood glue per 1 gallon warm to hot water. Hot water helps desolve glue faster. Shake it up and then you need to filter it through a paint filter, theres a lot of crap in wood glue. Then spray around each spot mostly the back row. I treated decks after every time lanes were oil.
            but it would last a couple of days.It's a little prep work but not chasing OOR's it's worth it.
            Now before all you By The Rule IE USBC
            it states you can use anything that is " normaly found on a bowling lane and or it's constitution" is legal.
            So wood glue is used in repair of lanes than it is ok to be found on the surface of a pin deck. And if you have smelt and tasted the NPS It's diluted wood glue.
            Later Chief
            PS when the bowlers say you have the 10 pin glued down you can say Yes I do !!! LOL


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              Ummm...not sure what rule book you are looking at chief but this is what USBC says:

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                Honestly maintaining the decks will help. Depending on what you use though. We never get any OOR codes anymore. We clean our pin decks with hot water, a pinch of lane cleaner AND scrub it with a MAGIC ERASER sponge. After just give it a dab of alcohol and wipe to absorb everything. Each deck should take 5 min.


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                  Thankyou I will try that. I can scrub the deck. I will have to see what happens


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                    Originally posted by Eric Regalado View Post
                    Honestly maintaining the decks will help. Depending on what you use though. We never get any OOR codes anymore. We clean our pin decks with hot water, a pinch of lane cleaner AND scrub it with a MAGIC ERASER sponge.
                    We do something similar. Spritz the pindeck with a few streams of lane cleaner from a bottle, then a sponge mop that has the magic eraser heads. We do this in front of the lane machine while it's oiling -- what the duster cloth doesn't get, the squeegee will.

                    Originally posted by Eric Regalado View Post
                    Each deck should take 5 min.
                    Less than that.


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                      We spray a tide/ water mix on pindecks since we got ours last month. The OOR's went from 2-3 an hour to 1-2 per shift. Spray after strip/oiling.
                      Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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