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    What are the best bowling pins to have? As far as taking the least amount of damage.

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    Twisters will last the longest. We get 5+ years out of a set. Amflight II are good wood pins they worked the best for me when we used wood pins. The Brunswick pin not sure of the name now maybe MAX? they are made by AMF and are the same as Amflight II's. so either would be good if your looking for wood. Later Chief


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      Wood any day over synthetic here. Twisters cause a lot of machine damage on the 70/90 and the carry is just not the same. Loads of 9 pins, 8 pins, pocket splits. Yuck. Slower players with higher revs suffer the most.
      I still believe the Pinnacle pin is the old Amflite II dressed up in new clothes. The AmfliteII pin was the best for many many years.
      Bring me the freshest "Mean Green" known to man! Juice on!


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        I love a new set of wood pins they are best to bowl on. I'm old school. But for pins taking the most damage it's hands down Twister. It's all about adjusting your equipment to carry all 10 [bowling ball equipment]. They score just as high. Yes Twisters seem to get more airborne then wood. But new wood flies high also. Later Chief.
        PS as an owner the cost savings of buying pins once every 4-5 years as per every year with wood it is worth it. I'm not an owner.


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          Wood Pins, a surlyn covered pin. Either Q/A AmfliteII or Brunswick Max, basically same pin just with different labels. Used both lately and can’t tell a difference.

          As for longest life, Twisters. ....but they are not problem free, see above posts.
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