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    is it better to out all 20 new pins in no machines at once. or is it better than put 10 in and leave 10 old pins in with the 10 new pins

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    Unless you only need to change out a pin or two, you should change the whole set out, otherwise the contrast between the new and old pins will be very noticeable.

    Pull the still-good pins out of the set you replace and keep them around so that if a pin breaks in another pinsetter, you can drop it in.


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      that what I thought and that is what I did. we're just getting a lot of lane calls and my head mechanice that it's depends when I know the distributors all need to be adjusted You're getting a lot of calls with the old pins and they're getting causes of new pins


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        What kind of lane calls are you getting? I'm not well-versed on the AMF machines as I literally grew up physically and mechanically around the original Brunswick design (of all of the houses in my area - and there were a lot at the time - Brunswick houses were 4:1 to the AMF's and one Bowl-Mor three-lane house), so I'm not sure what problems are 'exclusive' to AMF's.

        Sometimes cleaning the pins as part of a PM schedule can help extend the life and make for a cleaner pinsetter.


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          we're getting a lot of distributor jams or the distributors going out of step ever few racks of pins


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            Did changing out the pins fix the problem?

            Again, not being familiar with the AMF's, if that did clear the problem up, you probably just had one pin gumming up the works.

            I deeply apologize to any AMF gurus as I don't want to step into territory that might be wrong. I'm only trying to give help...


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              We replace all of our old pins with new pins before the start of the Fall league season, and any old pins that are still in good condition get saved and kept as reserves for later use as pins get worn and damaged. New pins can cause feeding issues on AMF machines because the new pins are so slick when new. Any hesitation off of the orientation pan can lead to pileups and other problems, and it's worse with new pins. We had the best transition to new pins the year that we replaced all of our QAMF poly-V distributor belts with tan roughtop belts, because the new belts do such a good job grabbing pins the instant they tumble off the orientation pan. Our poly-V belts were toast after 9 months of service, hard and slick, incapable of gripping old pins let alone new ones. Assuming your distributors are generally in good shape and properly adjusted, I'd look at your belts.


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                Originally posted by Jboeaustin View Post
                we're getting a lot of distributor jams or the distributors going out of step ever few racks of pins
                First, clean your distributor belts and clean your pins. Also, new pins are quite slippery, so if your belts aren't clean then new pins will make the problem worse. If cleaning everything doesn't help then look at the spacing of your pins on the distributor. If they're feeding too close together you'll definitely get pin jams, and adjustments are in order. But I would start with cleaning as that usually cures the problem.


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                  cleaning was done


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