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    Re: Permit

    KWagner the Washington Wood Products made the Strikemaster which had permits 33, 59 & 312. Their signature was 3 stripes on the neck at first a circular label in brown and red then they went to a scroll like label in brown. It was kind of shaped like a stop sign. There is a pic of a strikemaster in the gallery on bowl tech where I posted pics of some of my pins. There has been a guy on ebay selling mint strikemasters on there and pretty cheap for what some vintage pins go for at times. There is a mint Brunswick Striker with stripe neck that is already at $305 on ebay. The Striker was the older sibling to the Mixer.

    As for the wood these days I have had several people make mention of wood in pins being different than in the past. Nothing like new Amflites out of the box being hit high flush. Amflites will dent up then get even all the way around and then the surlyn will seperate from the wood. All new pins will do that dent up and then even out all the way around. That is normal for them to do that.

    I started bowling on AMF Tournaments and Brunswick SCore King 50's. The Score Kings and Tournaments were tough ole birds. Seemed like the only way to destroy one was to set it on fire. I can remember places recoating Score Kings and Tournaments getting tons of lines out of them. Those nylon socks underneath the plastic coating were something else. The Score King especially.....remember I had 8 boxes of them at a center I worked in we would throw them in for after league pot games and man what a difference you had to smack them good and even though they were 3.6 and 3.7 they sounded heavy like a tree trunk.

    Mike F


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      Re: Permit

      A few years ago there was an article in one of the bowling magazines about a guy that had a large collection of pins. Had many pictures. By any chance is that you?
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        Re: Permit


        That probably was Chuck Schommer out of Erie, PA he has quite the collection of pins. He and I chat off and on and have done some trading over the years. I am finding out more and more of people that collect pins. Ebay is a good source but can get high dollar. Every once in a while I run across stuff at flea markets or some bowling center off the beaten path.

        Mike F


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            Awesome link, Thank You!! Great pin info.

            Mike Wilson
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