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vultex pins?!


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  • vultex pins?!

    my boss went to the trade show and said he was going to get new pins, i told him i was pretty happy with the amfiteII that we are currently using, and i mentioned to stay away from brunswick pins so with that said i figured i would get amflites again. and never mentioned it again. then a couple weeks later a truck shows up delivering my new pins. to my surprise they were vultex pins. i was trying to be open minded and i remembered that vulan makes brunswick and vultex. and i remember all of the bottom ring problems i had with brunswick. so i read the top of the box and it read" to avoid nylon bottom ring failure, do not allow bottom of pin to get wet if so wipe dry immediatly" so i say what the **** is this!!! obviously they know they have a problem and instead of fixing it they put a disclaimer on the box so that we will be at fault when the bottom rings start falling out. is anyone else using these? if so are you happy with them? i'm not looking forward to the neck fractures either....this will be a fun two years....shame
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    Re: vultex pins?!

    We've used Vultex pins for over 12 years now and have had no problems other than normal wear and tear.


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      Re: vultex pins?!

      Don't freak, Shame,
      We recently tested 4 brands of pins. Vultex came out in the lead. I used to swear by Amflite II, not anymore. Vultex beat them hands down.


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        Re: vultex pins?!

        Just received 64 sets of twisters. I am going to put these in machines the second week of august. I'll let everyone know how it goes.


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          Re: vultex pins?!

          Who do you have to contact to try out a set of those Twisters?


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            Re: vultex pins?!

            Hey Dutch, the twister pin is certaintly worth trying. Throw them in a pair of lanes and see what you think. Can't say for sure you will like them but they are worth a try. Done Rite (a bowl tech advertiser) out of Ohio sells them. Call the salesman direct at 1 734 604-1603. His name is Jason Shondrick. Tell him Mayflower Mike referred him to you. Good Luck.


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              Re: vultex pins?!

              All I ever seen of those Twister Pins is that they get excessivly Dirty Fast and keep scanners from seeing them other than that they seem ok look durable But thats yet to be seen.



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                Re: vultex pins?!

                Hey guys in regards to the Vultex 2 they are a pretty decent pin. In the last 6 or so months that Don Carter East was open here in Dallas we used Vulcans. They ran well in the machines better than the Max's at our other house in town go figure as they are made in the same place. they also scored pretty well too. We tried a set of the Twisters at Don Carter Westfor a few months. They were running well in the machines(we have a2's) but got dirty real easily no matter how well you cleaned stuff. I liked the way they reacted but the stripes and sound were what bowlers didn't like. The people I talked with at our center couldn't get past the sound....we also had transfer problems in the shaker with them too. Vulcans do ok....sure miss the Old Nyl Tuf Supreme...those always seemed to last forever.



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                  Thank you
                  Nate Jackson


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