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Twister Pins at 2001 ABC Tournament


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  • Twister Pins at 2001 ABC Tournament

    Don't know if anyone read or has heard but the Twister Synthetic pin has been named the official pin for the 2001 ABC Tournament in Reno. In addition it looks like they will use it on the TV telecast for the ABC Masters as well. Check out and click on ABC link to see write up on the Twister. I hope they have worked out the bugs in those the getting dirty real quick. We tried a pair at the house I used to work at and well i liked the way they ran in machines and they scored fairly well( more solid 8 and 9's with them) but the gray stripes and the sound the bowlers did not care for. They were very difficult to keep clean.

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    Re: Twister Pins at 2001 ABC Tournament

    Yah...the sound with those pins just is'nt the same as with wood pins.They are a solid pin now,a different injection process.I like how they look well and how long they hold up is another thing.If they sounded like wood we probably would have them in our house.


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      Re: Twister Pins at 2001 ABC Tournament

      The sound issue will fade away. Those of you who had wood lanes & now have synthetic lanes know what I mean. When we 1st installed our synthetic lanes people complained about the different sound. After a month, it was mentioned occasionally. After 2 months, no one talked about it at all.
      We, at the Reno Hilton, will be checking in on the condition of the Twisters throughout the tournament. Depending on their Head Mechanics opinion, we may be getting Twisters too.


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        Re: Twister Pins at 2001 ABC Tournament

        This will either make or break these pins in my opinion. We tried a pair of them at the center I used to work in and people couldn't get past the greenish/gray stripes and the sound. I thought they scored fairly well. They did not hang in the buckets whatsoever but they got dirty real easily and then would not transfer in the shaker. Maybe with a house full the sound could be overlooked some but there is nothing like the sound of wood. The synthetic lane is a good comparison and yes there is a different sound to them but the synthetic pin sound is much more noticeable and different than the sound of wood pins.


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