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Leasing Pins?


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  • Leasing Pins?

    Our owner "Leases Pins". She pays a leaser so much for 24 lanes worth of pins. They are recaoted, some two or three times. They are in great shape and stuff. It seems like a good thing and bad thing. You get a fresh rack every so many months, and dont take the loss on a broken or cracked pin. But it seems as if a pin can only take so much. Whats your opnion?

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    Re: Leasing Pins?

    I may be wrong but it sounds to me like a company that rebuilds pins and to me the only way they could get rid of them is to lease them out. I had a company rebuild 4 sets for free and I am glad I didn't have to pay for them because the carry was gone. Recoating to me means more flaking material on the turret clutch for me to clean up later. Like I said, I could be wrong on what your doing but for what I get for linage purchasing new pins every year is cheap. I've got 2 centers close to me that purchase my old pins and to me that is a waist of the bowlers money, they are paying for a service and I feel it's my job to provide them with the best possible. Great lane machine, new pins every year, a good consistant condition
    and a clean atmosphere, (the beers cold as well).


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      Re: Leasing Pins?

      I would rather take a beating then have a recoated pin in one of my racks. I am with drillman - put in new pins if not every year then every 2 years. You could have new pins every two years for just $220 per month !!!!
      You do the math. The only centers that are going to survive are the nice ones. The center down the road (goat ranch) never gets new pins. They may never tell the management but they sure talk about how cheap they are !



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