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Brunswick score king pins


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  • Brunswick score king pins

    Hey guys I know pins have been talked about before. We have always used max pins for about 6 or 7 years because of the award jackets. But the bottoms would fall out. When they discontinued the jacket program we were going to buy amflites until they (B) came out with the score kings. I just wanted to let everyone know I have ran these pins since 9/1/00 and have not one pin base fall out yet. Supposedly they have the better base of the pba pin (it is black). I do like how the Bruns. pins go through the machines more consistantly because the surlyn doesnt separate form the wood at the impact zone.
    Are any of you guys using score kings?


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    Re: Brunswick score king pins

    We have been using these pins since August and so far nothing bad to report about them. They seem to be holding up well and bottoms staying on. They seem also to be pretty lively, which in our center is a good thing. The jacket program is in effect with these pins, at least when we sent in for our first 300 game of the season. The bowler received his already and really liked it. I think that is part of the reason the owner bought these pins.


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      Re: Brunswick score king pins

      The Score Kings are for the jacket award program that Brunswick has. I had checked to see if they were any different in construction than the old MAX and was informed that they are not. Just has the different logo and base. Brunswick used to make a pin from the 60's up to very early 70's called a Score King and those bad boys would last and last.....were tough as nails. Even the old MiXer and Red Crown were tough too.



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