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  • Compilation of pin manufacturers

    New to this site and forum. This is my first post and wanted to offer up a list of pin manufacturers, geared mainly towards those who are building their own lane(s) in their basements, backyards, etc. (Mine happens to be going in my living room of my apartment to annoy the neighbors downstairs). I hope this helps out. Some of this information might be repeated elsewhere on this site, but now it's all in one place. I have included contact names and their e-mail addresses as well. I also have had contact with each of them and ALL were very friendly and responded quickly to e-mails or telephone inquiries. I didn't include prices since they change often, but the contacts will be happy to quote prices and calculate shipping charges.

    Brunswick Bowling Inc.
    Cindy Williams

    Deb Kent

    Astrid Wienken
    Tenpins, synthetic tenpins

    Linds WorldIMPEX
    Felicia Watson
    1-800-950-4568 x.208
    Tenpins, mini tenpins, mini balls

    Garland Manufacturing Co.

    American Products Inc.
    Peter Lietar
    Candlepins, synthetic tenpins, duckpins, rubberband duckpins

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