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Painting colored pins


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  • Painting colored pins

    Does anyone know what type of paint is the best to use to paint colored pins? I am looking for something that will not chip off.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Painting colored pins

    Hi Dustin, when coating pins whether it’s color or clear the key is in the preparation. Make sure the pin is cleaned with a heavy-duty degreaser and rinsed clean. Well here’s how I used to do it.

    1) Clean the pin with a heavy-duty degreaser.
    2) After the pin dries use a 120 grit paper to scuff the surface
    3) Rinse the pin off with a weak mixture of ammonia and water
    4) Dip the pin in to the coating that you going to use, you can brush it on but dipping has better results.

    As far as what kind of coating to use Poly-Chem. has a great line of urethane paint finishes or check out your local paint store for industrial urethane paints.

    Hope this helps

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