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  • Need info!

    Has anyone used Linds Pins??? How do they compare to AMFLite II?? Would it be worth the savings to switch? In the market have AMFLite wondering if the reason that Linds Pins are cheaper is because they are ****ty.

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    Just my opinion, I prefer the Q/AMFliteII's, followed by Brunswick Max (surlyn coated pins is the only way to go IMHO).
    Both of the above score well, look well, and hold up well throughout their lives. Never "worked with" Linds pins but I've bowled on them and didnt care for them.
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      We have used Linds pins here for about 4 years . They don't buy enough for me to change them out on a regular basis , so they stay in for a winter and summer league . We have 30+ year old flat gutters and kick backs . They flyall over the place , plenty of pin action . People tell me they average 10 to 20 pins higher here then the other places they bowl ; don't know if it's the shot or the pins . Tom Daughtery bowled here last winter and averaged 252 with these pins , and we have a lot of guys , styles averging in the 220 - 230 range . I like them better than the QAMF Amflites we had .
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        Just from what I've seen (bowling and replacing them) I think you would be better off staying away from Linds. About two years ago we switched all 24 lanes to Linds pins for our winter league, Pins previously being use were around 4 years old or better. For the first two weeks or so the pins sounded amazing, but broke down and sounded dull by the 5th week of winter leagues, Pin action was terrible and league scores dropped. Come summer when we rotate our pins to my disappointment I found that almost 10 cases of pins sounded worse than my 4+ year old AMFLite II, not counting all the broken pins that were pulled out over the winter.

        From now on we are staying with AMFLites
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          Call Brunswick and see if they have any blem Score Kings. I think a little better pin than the AMflite and Score King blems should be under regular Amflite pricing.

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