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sanding bottoms of pins


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  • sanding bottoms of pins

    Hello. We need to sand the bottoms of our pins, 32 lanes worth and then some. What is the current process used in modern bowling centers today. Thanks for reading.

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    Re: sanding bottoms of pins

    We use the pin cleaner that has a pin bottom sander on so that pin bottoms may be trued up. We do this every time that pins are rotated. This helps prevent OOR's


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      Re: sanding bottoms of pins

      Be careful of sanding the pins on any angle,make sure they are FLAT when done,have seen pins sanded that "appeared" to be smooth and level but fell over on pindecks.A couple of our backend guys sanded quite a few lanes worth to see how it would go but they we're not level so they started falling over.They used a belt sander in a vise.I had to do them over.You don't want the bottoms too rough either.Try a few old pins for samples and see how they stand etc.If pin bases back in with GOOD contact glue,if your bases start to pop out you'll get pins that may fall over,pop off and get stuck somewhere etc.Just take your time so later you have no problems.


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        Re: sanding bottoms of pins


        Where do you guys get your pins that would last long enough to warrant a bottom sanding? Ours usually blow the bellies or crack the necks after 8 to 14 months...not to mention the coating blistering to hell!!!

        Yes, we used to rotate but never made a diff!


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          Re: sanding bottoms of pins

          I must agree, our pins are shot before you would even want to sand the bottoms! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]


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            Re: sanding bottoms of pins

            We do regular pin maintenance, along with the 51.20 maintenance on machines. Makes your pins last a lot longer. That helps if your manager wants them to last for 2 years. Anyways we check all turret wires, pin wheels, deck chute patches, cross conveyors, etc... for things that would cause pin damage. I am responsible for 12 machines out of 48 and I kept 1 pin from each of my 12 machines before the swap, and when the time comes I want the pins currently in the machines to be in better condition as the previous ones when changes. Oh and we clean 2 machines worth of pins each day.

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              Re: sanding bottoms of pins

              Never sand the bottom of your pins this will give less friction and more sliding pins it only works in the beginning and after that the problems become bigger. The best way to prevent OOR is to let them stand only on the nylon ring and not on the wood (wood,oil and synthetic decks will give you sliding pins) I using Classic pins made by WINSOME in the beginning we had tons of OOR after we drilled the wood away no OOR anymore (on a bad night we have one or too and moost of the time there are kids playing at that moment)a other thing we also did was lifting the decks to .180 inch

              Thanks EDJE


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                Re: sanding bottoms of pins

                Edje, with what kind of a dril did you do that, I have new dynamites with a coated bottom and got a lot of oors.
                Arn't you afraid the plastic ring wil wear off sooner???
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