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  • pin collections?

    how many of you guys have pin collections at home or work? if so what is the most unique or rarest pin that you have? what are you in search of?

    i have 23 pins in my collection my favorite is a clear coated amflite with the fair lanes logo on the other side the other would be a magna-pin(thanks jerry).

    but i am in the search of duck pins, candle pins and five pins.

    just thought this might be an interesting topic...maybe not
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    Re: pin collections?

    Jerry hooked me up with an old synthetic pin...he would know more about the history of it. The other old one would be a 3 ringer ....Mustang If I remember correctly. They're at the center so I cant double check.

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      Re: pin collections?

      Well, I've got a fair collection. Nothing REAL unusual, but some oldies. A number of clear coated pins, some old enough to be solid maple rather than laminated, and some nice old AMF and Brunswicks.

      Now, as soon as I get a place set up to display them I can get them all out of the boxes in my office/pro shop and count them up! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

      --- Just got a little center to call my own. Let someone else run the counter... I'll be running all over the place!


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        Re: pin collections?

        I was also lucky enough to get a Magna Pin from Jer-Jer. I now have 3 synthetic pins in my small collection. Magna, Twister, and... "Blaster." It is an Artemis product, made of something different from Twister, and rather than saying "Synthetic" on the ABC/WIBC approval, it says "Test Pin."
        Very sorry, but I can't divulge my sources and I cannot get any more.

        Others: a Vulcan with red and black rings, lots of curious differences in late-model Amflites and B-Maxs, and two "pin sippers."

        I almost added a clear AMF display pin to my collection when I worked for AMF. I decided it would be poor judgement to swipe it though.
        A week after I left, I was in there and saw they had chopped it's head off and used it for locker keys.

        Has anyone seen the article in Bowlers Journal about the guy with hundreds of different pins? WOWOWOW!!! Great article.



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          Re: pin collections?

          I used to have a nice collection of pins all kinds and one nite the heat went out and I burned about 22 pins in the fire place :p CRUD
          if things aren't going right just use a bigger hammer! DIRT


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            Re: pin collections?

            I have nice collection at my work.
            500 in my machines and the same amount outside of them.
            Don't wanna see any of them in my home!

            So it goes.


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              Re: pin collections?

              shamefowjze...I might be able to help you out in the duck pin department...I have some nylon duck pins. When I was in Florida, we had 8 lanes installed and we put in these pins as an experiment. The manufacturer gave them to us (he vacationed in Boynton Beach during the winter) to try out. There is no name on the pins and I don't remember the manufacturer. but I could let you have one if you are interested. Just let me know.
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                Re: pin collections?

                I have a 3 ring mustang,a candle pin, one rubber banded duck and one without the band which I am told is rare. Old solid AMF 4 colors of twister, old original amflite. (I'm told the EPA closed the plant do to high emissions). Eight to ten of others. Hey Jerry, trade you a 1951 solid wood AMF for a Magna.



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