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Comments on Diamond Duramid Pins?


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  • Comments on Diamond Duramid Pins?

    Anyone used these pins recently, how do they hold up and score?

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    Re: Comments on Diamond Duramid Pins?

    I put a set in about three months ago and they are holding up great.

    They already had about four months on them last year. They play well and scores seem to be comparable to the Amflites that we have.

    Two sets of Amflites and one set of Duramids.
    Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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      Re: Comments on Diamond Duramid Pins?

      We have had ours in play since October and they seem to be holding up as well as the Bruns. Max pins did the last two seasons. The only problem I've noticed is they don't seem to carry as well and they tend to slide a little more than the maxs. We have started to find some cracked pins, about two cases so far. Just going through the machines and culling them out. We have 40 lanes and 6 extra boxes. If they last a year then it's worth the price. The Maxs only lasted a year.


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