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  • Twister Pins

    I would like some feedback on the new "Twister" pins
    We received 4 cases to try out. One comment I got on these synthetic pins is that one center sent all of its cases back because the customers didn't like the sound of them when the ball hit them. They are about $300.00 a case and carry a 3 year warranty against defects. Anybody else use these pins?
    We need to order soon and are questioning these.

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    Re: Twister Pins

    Hi Charles
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I bought 64 sets of twisters 2 years ago. I will start the third year with them in september. The sound is a little different than a wood pin. They will not score as well as an amflite but I am told they score better than a brunswick max. They get dirty fast. They are very durable. The big question is if I had it to do over again would I buy them again. I would not. Take a good look at the AMF pinnacle. Durable and very good scoring. Whatever you decide, good luck.



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      Re: Twister Pins

      There's a couple discussions that went on about those particular pins...

      For my part, in a word... YUCK! Those pins have a sound like tossing a brick into a bucket of empty beer bottles, and the pin action they have sucks. The coat is so slippery that they cause jams in the machines, and the bases are so flat that they slide and stand instead of falling.

      No thanks. I'll stick with my tried-and-tested Amflites.
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        Re: Twister Pins

        I would say skip the twisters as well. Scoring will suffer, they sound strange and they get nasty looking to fast.

        I would go with the Diamond Duramid a much better pin!


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          Re: Twister Pins

          Looks like I'm the only one, but I don't have a real problem with the twister pins.

          The scores are a little bit lower but they were too high anyway.

          Having 3 years warrenty is very good.

          No more storage room wasted by resting pins is interesting too(just clean them in the machine).

          We started with two lanes of twisters, distributor problems start earlier with them but is that a negative thing? We roulated them through all of our machines and adjust/clean the distributors a little earlier, is that bad?

          We now have all of our machines running with twister pins without problems caused by them.

          There used to be a time I prefered rubber balls and wooden lanes, the new age aint everything either but you must not dump a new product in it's early stage!

          And wood isn't getting cheaper too !!!

          So it goes.


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