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Wiring up starshields


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  • Wiring up starshields

    Hi everyone. Installing Brunswick star shields into a center that had Will hedon masking units that looked like b2000. I’m trying to wire the ball lights so that only one comes on a t a time ex. When ball is one first only first lights up, when on second I want second only to come on. Don’t need both on.

    2nd problem is that I need to know how to wire strike indicators into electrical box. I know I need plate assembly to detector, just wondering the rest of the wiring. If anyone can help please message. Thank you all and stay safe.


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    I can't help you, but please post photos when done! I love Starshields, it's sad to me how many centers were talked into covering them up with cheap cardboard art.


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      If you have an old paper service manual, you wire the ball lights as shown in the wiring diagram, page 1-72. Keeping the #1 ball light on all the time was an upgrade. If you don't you can download a PDF from Brunswick. Move the #1 ball light wire from TS2-4 to TS2-7. The strike light isn't shown, but if you wire it to TS2-7 and TS2-1 it should work. I'm assuming your strike light doesn't have a common wire. If it does, you will need to take that into account.

      I'm also assuming someone hasn't rewired the pinsetter so you don't have the wires on the proper terminals. If they have you will need to trace the circuit back through the 1/2 ball light switch to the transformer.


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        Hey bad wrench , is that the ball light switch wire on 4 that I’ll be moving ??


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          Right now I have the wires comming from cannon plug going to Ts2-1. Ts2-7. Ts2-8. Ts2-2. And the. Ones goes down to channel. Switch wires - green to ts2-4. White to ts2-7. And black to ts2-8.


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            Ok thanks for everyone’s help. Come to find out someone wired the white wire with the green wire in the 1/2 ball light switch. Removed and put on separate post and now it does what I wanted it to.

            so the on the crown lights. I found that the fuse in the transformer for the crown was bad. Replaced and was able to get power from ts2-1 and ts2-7.


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