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pinsetter wont shut off


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  • pinsetter wont shut off

    i have a 208 v American a-2 pinsetter (11) that wont shut off unless i shut main breaker off. lane next to it is buzzing (10).ball acc control box is also buzzing. after some trouble shooting found a electrical smell coming from lane 10. if i unplug the managers cannon on lane 10. lane 11 shuts off and turns on normal and all buzzing relays stop. also one of the relays in lanes 11-12 power lift was buzzing when 11's pinsetter is on. it seems that something in lane 10's electrical box must have gone bad. i am not real experienced with the electrical box. what should i check first ?

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    First I would put this in the Brunswick pinsetter forum. You might check your motor start relay, might be sticking.
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      Check inside your junction box on the mask wall. There should be one for every 8 lanes. The wires inside get brittle over time and being close to each other can short out with each other. I can't guarantee this is the problem but that is what it sounds like to me. If that is the case the box and all the wires to the respective pinsetters it serves needs to be rewired. Yes it is a lot of work. In the mean time you could unplug the cannon from 10 till you get it fixed and you will have to turn on 10 in the back.
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        You have a short to ground. It can be on any of the 8 lanes within the managers control junction box on the curtain wall. When you unplug certain machines from the managers control and find the one that where that machine turns off, look over all the wires crossing the rabbit ears, down the leg of the machine to both the accelerator control box, the booster control box, and all the way along the ball track to the power lift. One of these wires shorting to ground will blow your 3.2, the other of the same wire pair will cause the same thing you are describing.
        I usually undo the accelerator connector on the back of the elec box - which eliminates all the underground to the accelerator, lift. Then remove the reset button canon plug to eliminate that circuit. Finally, the old wires to the turret jam, deck jam, mask and rear control switches that can have a wire shorted to the wire channel or adjacent switches.
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          ok thanks for all the info. i will start checking to see if i can find a short to ground. 3.2 fuse is not blowing though.


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            Originally posted by jaysen View Post
            3.2 fuse is not blowing though.
            Thats the fun thing with a bank 8 short, normally doesnt blow any fuses.

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