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Soda Machine Lock


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  • Soda Machine Lock

    Anyone have experience opening vending machine doors controlled with key fob and no physical lock?

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    What do you need to know?


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      Electronic lock motor is not responding to open door. New/old FOB with or without extra battery pack bypass -- still no response.
      Either the lock CPU thing is kapoot or disco'd from last time someone was in there.....anyway, is there a way to get?


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        I think you'll need to find out who made the machine and contact them. Maybe if you unplug the machine for a certain amount of time and plug it back in it will reset the lock. Maybe pushing the numbers on the front in the proper sequence will open it but only the manufacturer would know that sequence.


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          If its not your machine, call the bottler who does own it.
          Sounds like a Triteq lock.
          Maybe try that website first?


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            I have been in contact with the Triteq folks and am waiting on a response. If there is a code, they should have one. Problem would be if it's a case of the lock motor bad or control board bad not sure what their actions are.
            Am just curious if there were anyone else that had ran into this problem. It's our machine, so the other alternative is to have a maintenance service call by someone to cut the door off or something i guess....but if it comes to that, I'd rather be the one destroying it.


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              OK sorry it took so long but our glass front water - bottle machine has the remote keyfob opener. I looked and guess what it has a 1/2" drill hole on top of the door. I guess you can reach in with a "J" hook and pull up on locking bar to open door. You may have to pull a clevis pin and disengage the motor actuation arm. Ours is a loner from the soda company, so I'm not sure who drilled it out. post a pic of your machine and if it's the same i'll send pics of where they drilled hole and what to grab on the inside.
              Later Chief


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