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  • Refrigeration&Freezers

    So anyone good at knowing what to do on the fridges and freezers in their centers. I’m comfortable fixing everything plumbing restrooms and 82/70 machines NP but when a freezer goes over temperature I start to panic. Yes I know about the compressors and start relays I google too but this one is a new freezer and it’s building ice but still only goes on fridge safe instead of freezer safe temperature. Also turned it off overnight only works for couple of days so when issue returns I sigh...

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    If it's not cooling properly then a lot of times it can be as simple as cleaning the condenser coil. This will get covered with dust and prevent the coil from properly removing the heat from the refrigerant. It could also be a condenser fan that is not running properly or has failed completely. Regardless of the issue, these are the first two things I would check as they are quick, cheap and can be done by you.

    If this is a brand new unit, I would check the warranty and get someone in to fix it.

    Is this a stand alone unit or a combination ref/freezer? Did you put a thermometer in it to see what the actual temperature is. Refrigerator temp is below 40 F but above freezing so I'm not sure how it's making ice if your at refrigerator temperature. Freezer temp is generally 0 F so if it's sub freezing and making ice it could be below 32 F but still not what you expect for a freezer. In this case I would suspect dirty condenser coils, bad condenser fan or maybe the thermostat but less likely.


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      Low on Freon possibility we found in one of are units ice built up there was a Freon leak doesn't take much for them to act up even just a little low. Just saying not a repair man for that stuff either just a mechanic.


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        Most freezers have a defrost cycle built in.
        This will shutdown the freeze cycle, and turn on built in heater coils to thaw out the unit.
        This could happen 2-4 times a day, depending on the freezer unit.
        A bad timer, or heater system can also cause freeze ups.

        There are a number of things to look at, including the above descriptions in the posts.


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