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York Hvac Not Cooling


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  • York Hvac Not Cooling

    Hi Guys, I am not sure if anybody Has already asked about this. I have been reading few Treads and haven’t found anything related.
    I have 5 York Units in My Center 1 out
    of 5 isn’t cooling. It has a Fault: Status Light Flashing Red
    -Control Boards displays 1 Error.
    - Running: Fan Only
    1. Excessive Supply Air Temp Cooling
    After I reset the Unit displays as follows:
    1. Idle
    2. Startup delay
    -Works for about 30 minutes to an hour on cooling ok, then turns to Fan only and shows that error.
    I know there is something
    wrong but not sure what Could it be, sensor may be?
    - I already inspection all my safety switches
    -Filters have bee replaced
    -Motor belt tension checked.
    -fuses checked
    -Transformers voltage checked
    -Compressor and fan working good.
    the only thing I have done is to check gas pressure
    and compressor
    -any help would be appreciated! Thanks
    Smile Jesus loves you

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    Kinda hard to troubleshoot without being there.

    Excessive Supply Air Temp could be cause by lots of things, low charge being one of them but without knowing what your discharge temperature is actually reading it would be very difficult guess.

    If the supply air temp is really too high and not a sensor issue then it is shutting down to protect the compressor.

    Is the suction line (larger of the two lines) at the compressor sweating while its running?
    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..


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      Just looked at where you are located, your dew point is pretty low there, there may not be any sweat on the line or very little.

      Sounds like you have covered all the bases you can.

      You will most likely need to have somebody in who can take a closer look with the proper tools and gauges more information on your equipment.

      Mike Wilson
      Bowl-Tech Inc..


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        Thank you for your Replies.
        -Suction Line from compressor #1 is a little bit sweaty and it turns on but compressor 2 suction line is dried.
        I compared them with the working unit and seems like they both are sweaty. Thanks
        Smile Jesus loves you


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          Thank you for that information Mike,
          that is definitely a big help for me to continue trouble shooting the problem or have some one to take at look at it.
          Smile Jesus loves you


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            Glad I could help, sounds like maybe that 2nd stage that isn't running for whatever reason might be the cause.

            HVAC equipment these days are riddled with sensors, what ever the controls are calling for, it is expecting the air to be at a certain temperature range leaving the unit.

            There are a lot of things that could cause that stage not to run, that's if it was being called to run.
            Mike Wilson
            Bowl-Tech Inc..


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              Two things that shut down A/Cs. Dirty coils (evaporator(cooling) and condenser). The other is loss of refrigerant charge.

              The dirt problem you can handle yourself. If the condenser is what's called "MicroChannel" type it requires a special type of cleaner that won't attack the aluminum tubing. There's a company that makes a cleaner call Viper for microchannel coils. Also microchannel coils are usually multi layered so you need to split them apart to really get them clean.

              You can't do anything yourself if you have loss of charge, you need to be certified to purchase refrigerants and most parts from a wholesale house.

              The temp drop across the evap coil should be somewhere around 25-30 degrees F. This is the difference between inlet air to the evap coil and the temp of the outlet air from the evap coil.

              Look for a site glass installed in the liquid line coming out of the condenser coil and after a few minutes of run time it should not have any bubbles in it, if a does, its a quick indicator of a short charge and you probably have a Freon leak some where. If so look for oil on the piping around the compressor or both coils.

              Anything else, then you need to call a service company in.

              There should be a data plate inside listing error codes. They usually have a blink pattern to them or a digital numeric display with the error code displayed on it. I think York uses blinky codes mostly.

              One more thing is there is a special valve called a head pressure control valve that keeps the pressure on the liquid Freon during operation when the outside temperature drops and the system will lose control. If this valve screws up (and they do) it will cause all kinds of problems with sub-cooling and superheat. Call a service tech.


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