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Old Brunswick Maksin Units


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  • Old Brunswick Maksin Units

    Our center if gong to restore our old masking units as part of a retro remodel, i am not sure but can anyone tell me the model of masks we have, this is how they look. They are made of wood, circa 1958 when the cneter opened, The are individual per lane and you can somewhat see through them at the center. They look like the ones in the classic center in the gallery.

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    Re: Old Brunswick Maksin Units

    I think they might be Brunswick Crown Imperial (I may be wrong, and someone can correct me). Do they have a Brunswick Crown on them in the center, and they have a checkerboard like look that slopes in the center of the mask?


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      Re: Old Brunswick Maksin Units

      [QUOTE]Originally posted by TheChaser:
      Brunswick's Model of Masking units in 1958-59 was Crown Imperial. They are single lane units that are attached to the pinsetter by using a tube & pipe system. Their are probably very few Centers that still have these units. Good Luck on remodeling this model.


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        Re: Old Brunswick Maksin Units

        Those things always reminded me of the grill of a 1958 Cadillac. A little gaudy.


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          Re: Old Brunswick Maksin Units

          I remember there was a center here in Dallas that had those Crown Imperial. They eventually put carpet over them. Apparently when Don Carter West renovated here in Dallas there was talk of doing it retro. I was a big fan of the old Brunswick Starshields with the multi colored bursts on them. Did see a Center in Whittier, Ca (near Los Angeles) that had there old Gold Crown equipment ball returns and masking units repainted very tastefully. Even the metal on the masking units was polished up. The Starshields would fit in nicely with the Glow Bowling these days. Amazes me how much cardboard is used in todays masking units.

          Mike F


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            Re: Old Brunswick Maksin Units

            Hey mike was that the circle bowl or blazer bowl that did taht?


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