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Kickbacks delaminating: options?


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  • Kickbacks delaminating: options?

    I have many older kickbacks in the house that are coming apart. Pinaction is suffering and I'm starting to really worry about them from a safety standpoint. Full-length sections of the boards are falling out. Some kickbacks are converted A style and some are straight A2. No armorplate(I wish).
    We have had water problems for decades that have finally been fixed, but now I'm dealing with the repurcusions. Any ideas other than replacement I thought about countersinking wood screws all over the place but I'm not sure if this is legal(?). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    It is legal to fix them. The critical measurement is from the wood to the center of the 7 and 10 pin spots. 12" to 12 1/8".
    Safety is the primary concern especially if the worst ones are on the division, where one holds up 2 machines.
    Pin action is not the primary concern, but will affect customer satisfaction is the kickbacks are obviously dead.
    IMO, the issue with fixing them is that maple wood will not straighten out by adding screws (to make them nice and flat), but they can hold them together enough to eliminate the safety issues.
    And any cupping on the lane side can and or will split the plates, and cause yo more repair costs.
    There are sources of good used ones. Even the armorframe are probably available. And, there is a company that will build you new ones.
    Check the bowl tech yellow pages for sources:
    This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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      I've already replaced one of the worst. We have kickback issues every year come certification time. I can usually move them enough to be in compliance and pass but they are getting worse every year.
      Me, being lazy, obviously doesn't want to replace 10-15 kickbacks. Was hoping for an alternative but I understand if it can't be permanently fixed than I have no other options. Somebody long ago mentioned possibly some sort of glue injection machine. Anybody heard of this?
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