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astroline powerlift and racks


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  • astroline powerlift and racks

    we have a pair of lanes that have the astroline circle racks. and we are having problems with light balls getting out of the powerlift. they come up both tires jsut fine but when they shoot out the opening on the hood they roll back towards the wheels. i have rasied and lowered the rack to no luck. replace the v wheel on the top with a tire nothin. checked out the rubber on the c track and it looks perfect. there is no flat spots on it anywhere. it almost acts like there might be to much pressure between the wheel and the c tracks. i have no clue about powerlifts honestly they dont set pins lol. any help would be appreciated.

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    When the ball exits a Burnswick lift onto any tray, is slides on the hard fiber transition rails. The ball is spinning backwords as is slides on these side rails. If your tray is too high, the ball will roll towards the lift. If you can't lower the tray, you'll have to add shim under the lift frame.

    So, remove the anchor bolts, front or back, and raise the lift so it's 14 3/4" from the bottom of the lift to the approach surface - shimming then reanchoring either the front or back, then reanchor that end before you remove the other end and shim it up to the same height. Sometimes the end of the track or retarder is fastened near the lift - that too will have to be losened so it can be raised (shimmed) with the lift.
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      ran through and shimmed up the front and back of the powerlift and everything works like a champ. thanks for the help


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        okay a few months after my original problem. the balls spinning back to the lift is back. the entire lift has been shimmed to 14 3/4 from bottom of lift to approach surface. sometimes the heavy balls roll back onto the rack just fine. but the light balls are getting stuck almost all the time. they will just sit in the lift and spin where they exit the lift


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          Try swapping the tiny transition tracks side to side to see if the wear spot that occurs is the culprit.
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            i actually found some new ones laying in a bin yesterday morning and put them on and am still having the same problems


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              On the Astroline orbitals, there was an issue with the fiberglass at the ball exit of the lift. Brunswick came up with a plate to mount there to pull the fiberglass track down so the ball would exit properly. I don't think the plate is available any longer...but you can get the idea by looking in the parts manual for the ball rack and you can see the plate, carriage bolt and locknut. You can make your own plate or just use a carriage bolt to hold it down. Not sure if your ball racks already have this modification but if they don't, this may be what is causing your issue.
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