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  • Lightworx

    Has anyone seen/have the Brunswick Lightworx System? These lights are used during comic bowling and are installed on the center division capping. We are having transformer problems, and I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

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    Re: Lightworx

    Our center has had them installed since December of 1999 with no problems. If you suspect the transformer you could try swapping it with another pair and see if the problem moves. Other than that I guess I can't help you out, other to say that maybe Grainger would have a replacement part at a much cheaper cost!



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      Re: Lightworx

      Just to update my earlier post to help you out, if your center decides to purchase this system...
      1) This system is an installer's nightmare. Everything from broken cables and bad pc boards, to parts missing from cartons. Our distributor wanted $5,000 to install this system (Now I see why), so the owners decided that their techs would do the installation. If your center decides to go this route, make certain that your disrtibutor gives you at least 10% extra parts of each item, otherwise you will be waiting on them to complete the installation.
      2) Have the sytem powered up as you go. This will save you a ton of time on trouble shooting.
      3) If you still have problems, don't call Brunwick. My "Estimated wait time to talk to a tech support representative" was 96 HOURS. (no this is not a typo). Call your distributor, cuz Big B dosen't care.

      With the exception of fishing the cable under the approaches, the actual assembly is very simple. If the above points are followed, it is well worth doing it yourself. (If you don't, it's not). Once the system is up and running it should be pretty much trouble free, and it really adds a GREAT show. Brunswick just needs to get a grip on quality control and CUSTOMER SERVICE. I hope my boss remembers this when they decide to spend a 1/4 million on scoring...


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        Re: Lightworx

        We had what we thought transformer problems. But what it was is the installers installed the pc right near the foul line and the vibration of the bowling ball hitting the floor vibrated the pc and plugs causing the problem(plugs were loose too). We loosened the pc, put a sponge under it to absorb the vibrations and presto everything is ok.

        Another note you have to go down every division and check the plugs that go into the light module as the installers half a----ly plugged them in.

        You may as well not waste your time calling Brunswick crc as they have no earthly idea of how to help you. I finally got thru and they faxed me a page out of the pinball wizard book I had when I called them. WOW!!! What a help!!!!


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          Re: Lightworx

          hey guys....

          You'll can't really be talking about the same Brunswick...a.k.a. the Big B that I know and love....

          I have seriously figured out the problem with the long wait for a response from the CRC. It takes that long to get the call thru to the states from deep in the heart of China.... That's where most of the parts and boards seem to come from they might just as well put the response center there!!!!

          Good luck, good bowling and good waiting!!!



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