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Omega Tek Foul Lights


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  • Omega Tek Foul Lights

    This mornining I was checking the foul lights,
    I started doing my foul line shuffle got to lane
    7 stepped on the line and both lane 7 and lane 6
    foul lights went off, [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] I then stepped on lane 6 foul line only lane 6 went off, The only thing I can think of is some type of power surge, I
    have 82/70 pinspotters, anyone ever experience
    this problem, if so what was your solution to
    it? These foul lights replaced the old A.M.F.
    82/94 foul light system.

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    Re: Omega Tek Foul Lights

    is that 82/94 system you replaced the one that had 3 tubes for each lane and had a big metal box on the walkway going down back or in a room off to the side [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] I haven't seen one of those boxes for years [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]
    or is it the unit that had the timer motors in the unit at the foul line.
    I guess I'M getting too old to remeber those old numbers or I'M not drinking enough beer [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
    if things aren't going right just use a bigger hammer! DIRT


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      Re: Omega Tek Foul Lights

      Are these foul lights infa red?

      If so, you are getting cross talk between the lanes.

      Lane 6 may be aimed too high and getting it's signal from lane 7. Place a piece of cardboard between the lanes to block out this effect and re adjust.
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        Re: Omega Tek Foul Lights

        Groucho the 82/94 foul light units were the ones
        with the timer motor. Anyhow the problem seems to
        have gone away for now, must have been another one of those bowling alley GREMLINS!


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          Re: Omega Tek Foul Lights

          I have 16 lanes of AMF 82-120 foul units, and 14 lanes of BowlTronics infrareds... When I get a problem like that (foul on one lane causes foul on both), it's usually caused (esp. on the AMF units), by a weak signal.

          It's funny, since they're completely different units, but the cause and fix are basically the same. On the AMF's with the photocell units, the light beam is too dim and needs to be brightened (clean the lenses, replace/realign bulbs, etc...). On the Bowltronics units, it's usually a dirty or scuffed-up retroreflector, or a reflector slightly out of alignment (Clean, adjust, or replace).
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