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Brunswick Control Box Diagnosis


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  • Brunswick Control Box Diagnosis

    So I have 82-70 Pinspotters with what looks like a Brunswick type of front ball lift. So there are basically two switches installed. One allows the lift and fan blower to turn on with the individual pinspotter. The other works as an overide to give the lift and fan direct power, but obviously does not shut off when the customer is done bowling. I was having some issues where the lift will kick out on its own when receiving power from the pinspotters. It takes a while for this to happen. And it has only seemed to happen with both lanes running. I've had to use the over ride switch to keep it working when it goes down, and then after a while I am able to switch it back... really weird. Well I have tried now re-wired it to one switch that's double sided. So when I flip to one side, it gives power from the pinspotters, and the other side is the direct line. After the wiring, when I have the individual lanes pinspotted on, the lift and fan run. However, if both lanes are on simultaneously, then the lift does not come on, and I have to use the over ride. Looking for any and all help. Any ideas to try to spark something. Thanks in advance!

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    I have since rewired it back to using 2 switches instead of one. Still having the same issue where the lift runs with the lanes on individually, but not together.


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      Here is a link to a lift box. Is this what you have?

      You may need to be a little more specific as to your lift control box. Perhaps a picture or a quick sketch showing your wiring configuration.


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        you are on AMF machines now, stop thinking like a Brunswick mechanic. lol Brunswick sends power to the coil of the ball lift AND back to the machine! AMF does NOT, they send power to the coil and then Grounds the other side of the coil. you are probably losing the ground, as both machines will work individuality.


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          Here is the wiring schematic for it. And SFM_RM I like your thinking lol. I didn't realize that the two work differently. That makes sense now. But it is weird, they work independently but not together. Scary part is, if I shake the control box enough it will eventually turn on, but kick out later. It is definitely not the power line coming from the main breaker panel, as the over ride switch still works to give the motor and fan power from the line in. But something is happening from the machine end. Maybe I am losing that ground connection, but I have literally taken it apart and re connected it all. So I am not quite sure.If you need any other photos I can upload them. I am going to upload a few photos of our ball lifts here soon.


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            Having somewhat of the same problem.. The mechanic before me had put the ice cube relays on. SO when i ordered the right relays, it worked but wouldn't turn on. looking at the wiring diagram on the side of the box, and all of the wires were correct but it the lift is always running. In the track, the grey wire with the red and white wires to that go to the top relay aren't connected to anything, shouldn't that be my 24 volts from the machine in the back? anyways, it ran for a day now theres no power to anything. With brand new relays, what could I be missing that i'm now getting no power when before the power just wouldn't turn off. Switch? Power Supply?


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              Found a broken wire, so it turns on now, but still can't get it to turn off. Electrical is so much fun!


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                Since these are new relays I'm going to assume they aren't sticking. So that leaves us two basic options. 1) The relay is receiving constant power from the pinspotter 2) You have something wired to the wrong spot.

                For now let's consider item 2. Looking at your diagram, it's a straight forward control circuit. So the first thing that comes to mind is that you wired your relays according to the diagram. But not all relay bases are the same. If you connect your motor to 3 and 4 according to the diagram, consider that these may not be normally open contacts for your particular relay.

                1) Does the motor shut off when the power switch is turned off?
                2) Does the motor shut off when the relay is removed from the socket. (Remove both relays to test this)

                If the answer to both of these is yes then I suspect you are wired to the normally closed contacts on the relay. If that's the case then do this to confirm it.

                1) Remove power from the box.
                2) Disconnect either of the two wires going to the contacts on the relay (shown as 3 and 4 on your diagram.
                3) Use an ohm meter to check for resistance between the two screw terminal you were using on the base of the new relay with the relay installed.

                If you get 0 ohms resistance in step 3 then these are the normally closed contacts for the relay. Consult the manufacturer data sheet for the relay's you have and find the common and normally open contacts and rewire your high voltage wires to these terminals. If you need help with this, post the relay make and model and we can help you.

                The next item of concern is why the unit never shuts off. Even if you miss wired as suspected above, the motor should turn off when you turn the machine on. Opposite of what it's suppose to. Most modern relays use the letters A and B for the coil wires and reserve the numbers for contacts. This helps to avoid confusion when hooking them up.

                According to your diagram, the coil wires go to 1 and 5. If your new relay has the coil going to A and B but you wired it to the 1 and 5 terminals according to the diagram you have, then that would explain why it isn't working correctly.

                Go back to the start and check your wiring. If you need help where everything should go on your new relay, just give the make and model of your relays and bases and we can help you out or if you have the data sheet you could post a picture of that.

                This may not be what's going on at all but it gives us a place to start. Let us know what you find. Also can you confirm you are connecting these to AMF machines and not Brunswick.


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