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82/90XL Auto Sweep Reverse Quandary


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  • 82/90XL Auto Sweep Reverse Quandary

    82/90XL Silver Chassis running from Touch Desk.

    Been having an intermittent issue with one lane that failed to perform an auto sweep reverse on 1st ball gutter or 7-10 pick off. Sweep will run through the pin deck and return home.

    In manual mode the sweep reverse button on the chassis also would run the sweep forward. This was only happening on the odd lane.

    We just tried turning the auto reverse function off (Spec 32?) for that pair from the MCU and it didn't work. However when we turned it back on the auto reverse on the odd lane was working again. Even the manual button on the chassis worked correctly.

    Not sure what to think at the moment. This issue first cropped up a few days ago and we thought it was a loose cable between the APS box and the chassis. But all the cables are on tight. Wondering if I might have a weak or loose connection inside the chassis? Is there a relay in the chassis that controls sweep reverse?? I'm not afraid to go digging into one these things since I've already replace a couple of different components in one. Plus been through dozens of 82/70 boxes as well.

    -- Larry

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    Try putting the chassis back to factory reset and move it to a different pair to see if the issue goes with the chassis. There’s a good chance it’s going to need a repair though


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