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accuscore plus for 8270


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  • accuscore plus for 8270

    In need of the skematic for wiring the 8270 machines to accuscore plus or are the cable assemblies still availiable, I had 8230 in and replaced them

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    If you have access to the QAMF Customer Portal..... this is the link for the Accuscore Plus Service and Technical Manual.

    It contains a general system schematic that includes cable part numbers. Plus a list of all the cables made for the system.

    The machine interface cables for 82/70 A,B,SS are 232-007-037 (Odd) and 232-007-038 (Even)
    For 82/70 MP it's 232-007-035 (Odd) and 232-007-036 (Even)

    -- Larry


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      can you convert 8230 cables to work on the 8270


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        I think it all depends on what you have and what you want to do. Here is a link to what you originally asked for and I believe you can use the original cables but some modification may be required. This should give you the basic setup. You have the start signal, 2nd ball light and foul input as inputs to the CWC and RPO input/output.

        However, I believe the accu+ is capable of performing short strike cycle, 7 / 10 pick off and gutter sweep reverse. In order to do these functions though you need to have the MP chassis or off brand (Omega-Tek or ZOT for example) with expander card. If you have this capability, then some additional wiring between the CWC and the chassis is involved to send the pin information to the chassis. This would involve wiring the CWC into the MP APS connector.

        One point to consider is whether the previous owner was using short cycle options. If the machine was setup for this then the table wiring may have been removed and so it won't detect pins if you also don't set it up for short cycle. Just a thought.

        Which chassis do the 70's have on them? Do you know what scoring was hooked up to the 70's before? Are they already equipped with the start switch?

        If the 70's were hooked up to accuscore previously then you may already be setup for what you need unless these parts were removed from the machine.


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